Oct 7, 2016

A Letter to My Son

When you think of the love of a mother, this letter written by Gamila to her son Julian comes to mind:

"Dear Julian,
I am so excited to tell you my favorite memory of your childhood. Although, you may have heard this story plenty of times before, it is one of my favorite memories because at that moment I knew you were very special.

You were not even three years old and your little brother was about three months old. Dad and I were very exhausted from going to the hospital a lot with your little brother, Jaden. Jaden was screaming and crying and I guess Dad and I slept through all the crying; so then you decided to make your brother a bottle.  You moved the chair to the counter, opened the powered baby formula (milk), took a measuring cup and measured the powdered milk and poured it into Jaden’s bottle.  As you were going to add the water, I heard a noise in the kitchen and saw you standing in the chair making his bottle. Not only was I shocked to see you making the bottle, I was very surprised that you measured the exact amount that should have been in his bottle. As I asked you, "why didn't you wake mommy or daddy?” … you said, “because you were very tired and I knew Jaden was hungry.”

Mom knew at that moment you were one of the most intelligent, caring, special, and brave young man that I could have ever known and you still prove that to me every day. I am very thankful to have a son like you and if you don't hear it enough you are special, you are smart, and you are loved beyond belief and I would like to thank you for being such a great role model to your brother and an awesome son to me.

Love Mom."

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